Disputes & Litigation

Minor disputes can create major business disruptions if they are not tackled head-on.  Early involvement affords clients more options and greater legal protections.

We encourage our clients to get us involved early, so we can help them resolve problems before disagreements with business partners, service providers or clients escalate.  This is particularly true for professionals such as lawyers, doctors, fiduciaries and others who must adhere to licensing requirements, statutory guidelines, and strict codes of ethics.

When litigation is unavoidable, we assess the case from the context of our clients' business goals.  We evaluate possible outcomes and offer options, so our clients can make an informed decision about what is in their best interest.

Our dispute and litigation services include:

  • Litigation Avoidance Strategy
  • Business & Contract Disputes
  • Employment
  • IP Protection and Ventures
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Professional Liability
  • Trust and Estate Litigation